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Slides session 6

Closed loop transfer functions:

ppt Session6_Week7

and here’s some Matlab code that goes along with the exercises in the slides:

% Closed loop TF
% pkg load control;
close all

% Oef 1 en 2
Tpu = tf(8,[1 8 4]);
Kc = 1.5;
syscl = feedback(Kc*Tpu,1);
hold on
Kc2 = 7.5;
syscl2 = feedback(Kc2*Tpu,1);
PO = 100*exp(-0.5*pi/sqrt(1-0.5^2))
Tpeak = 2*pi/8/sqrt(1-0.5^2)

% Oef 3
Tpu3 = tf(2,[1 1 1]);
Kc3 = -3/8;
syscl3 = feedback(Kc3*Tpu3,1);

Tpu4 = tf(1,[1 4 3]);
Ts4 = tf(1,[1 5]);
syscl4 = feedback(192*Tpu4,Ts4)

And here’s a nice video with some nice exercises that looks at the closed loop TF from a slightly different angle (forward path/(1+return path)).
Watch out, in the first exercise, the question is to find the closed loop TF from reference to u (whereas up so far, we only treated the r to z case).

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Slides session 5

Slides from session 5 on transfer functions.


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